Dmitry Strakhov and Sergey Chernetskiy will join Gazprom — RusVelo in 2020
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Dmitry Strakhov and Sergey Chernetskiy will join the Russian cycling team Gazprom — RusVelo in 2020.

The 24-year-old Dmitry Strakhov has already four professional victories in his cycling career. This season he was competing for the Team Katusha Alpecin and had an impressive calendar with 70 racing days in total and a Grand Tour debut at Giro d'Italia.

General Manager of Gazprom — RusVelo Renat Khamidulin on a newcomer: "We've been in touch with Dmitry Strakhov in the past, but he made a quite understandable and obvious decision — he joined the World Tour team. Theoretically, he should have signed the neo-pro contract with his team which by the UCI regulations has to be minimum for two years, but something went not as planned. In a nutshell, Dmitry ended up in an unpleasant situation and we decided to support him. We've signed a one-year agreement with an option for extension. It is very tough for any athlete, even a very talented one to get used to a professional level, you need time and dedication. We've analyzed and discussed previous seasons and our plans for the nearest future. The crucial thing is that Dmitry has talent and desire for cycling sport. The rest is always a result of hard work and professionalism".

The 29-year-old Sergey Chernetskiy is an experienced rider, who was competing in the World Tour for several seasons (Team Katusha and Astana Pro Team). In 2018 Sergey won the general classification at Arctic Race of Norway, which is among his five pro victories. This season Sergey represented the colors of the Spanish team Caia Rural – Seguros RGA.

"Sergey Chernetskiy is a well-known rider for the Russian cycling fans as well as for the international audience. I remember that we had a conversation with him during the training camp for the Olympic Games in Rio back in 2016. And now our paths crossed again. Taking into consideration the fact that there was only one place left in the team we had to carefully think and make our decision. We assume that Sergey has to apply some changes to his training plan and race calendar in order to once again demonstrate what he's capable of. I am certain Sergey's experience will be valuable for our younger riders and we will definitely give him a leading role during some of the races.

Dmitry Strakhov and Sergey Chernetskiy are in the Russian national team for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, so we will do everything for their convenient development and preparation, as the Olympic Games are vital for the team Gazprom —RusVelo" — Renat Khamidulin.