Gazprom — RusVelo unveil team roster for 2019
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Gazprom — RusVelo 2019
The first pre-season training camp of the Russian professional cycling team Gazprom — RusVelo is coming to an end. Team's General manager Renat Khamidulin is glad to announce the newcomers and changes for the upcoming season:

"There is a significant change of generations in Russian cycling and we are not only facing it, we are in charge of this process. Over the last two years the average age of our riders has been decreasing and next season Gazprom — RusVelo will be one of the youngest in the peloton. There is no doubt that the work on the development of young riders is a highly demanding process. That is why, we have specialists whom we can rely on: Denis Menchov, Evgeny Petrov and Andrey Solomennikov are joining our board of Sport Directors, as well as Michele Devoti is back with the team.

We are grateful to our technical sponsors, who have been supporting us for years, providing equipment of impeccable quality. Gazprom — RusVelo will continue competing on the legendary Colnago bicycles — maestro Ernesto is not just a sponsor, but the experienced mentor and close friend of the team. The eminent manufacturers of cycling equipment: Campagnolo, Deda Elementi, Elite, Look, Tufo will continue collaborating with the team.

I am glad to announce that in 2019 the list of our technical sponsors will be enlarged with world-known brands: Limar (helmets and sunglasses), Prologo (saddles), Sidi (cycling shoes) and UYN (cycling apparel). We are also very grateful to our title sponsor Gazprom, which brings us confidence in our future" — Renat Khamidulin.
Denis Menchov is glad to join Gazprom — RusVelo:"In the recent years we have often talked with Renat (Khamidulin) about the possibility of joining the team. I should admit, it took me a while to make this decision, but of course I am very glad to become a part of the only Russian professional team. I hope my experience will be useful and I will be able to share it with the young riders".

Evgeny Petrov about his new role in cycling:
"Just two years ago I was competing as a rider. After finishing my career, I knew that I wanted to come back to cycling in a new role and be useful for the development of the Russian cycling and youngsters in particular. Gazprom — RusVelo is a great team with a plenty of talented athletes, which perfectly suited my ambitions. At the moment, we are at the pre-season training camp in Spain, everyone is in upbeat mood and we look forward to starting the upcoming races".

Sport Directors: Alexey Markov, Michele Devoti, Denis Menchov, Evgeny Petrov, Paolo Rosola, Alexander Serov, Andrey Solomennikov.

Gazprom — RusVelo roster for 2019:
Ildar Arslanov, Igor Boev, Nikolay Cherkasov, Alexander Evtushenko, Evgeny Kobernyak, Vlad Kulikov, Alexander Kulikovskiy, Alexey Kurbatov, Stepan Kurianov, Denis Nekrasov, Artem Nych, Alexander Porsev, Petr Rikunov, Ivan Rovny, Alexey Rybalkin, Evgeny Shalunov, Sergey Shilov, Mamyr Stash, Alexander Vlasov, Anton Vorobyev.