Gazprom — RusVelo: training & testing period
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ScienceofCycling Italia
The Russian professional cycing team Gazprom — Rusvelo is finishing the build-up for upcoming races at the second training camp in Spain.

Gazprom — RusVelo is performing a block of prep work with less than two weeks to go before the debut in the races. In the first part of January riders did several physiological tests in Italian sport science center ScienceOfCycling Italia, before coming back to Calpe to work hard for the beginning of the new season.

"With the members of the team we have completed the building phase according to the programs - DS Michele Devoti says - the main goal was to refine their shape and check the parameters of each rider. The work was quite scrupulous, thanks also to the nice atmosphere that has been established in the team and with Simone's staff during the tests at the beginning of this year".
For this season, the team has chosen to work with ScienceOfCycling Italia to perform physiological tests and have scientific support for the evaluation of athletes. "The riders have undergone the VO2 max tests and all physiological assessments at our lab in Milan and provided us with encouraging feedback, so I think everything's ready for 2019" - says Simone Casonato, sport scientist and director of the company.

After a series of VO2 max tests already carried out, Gazprom — RusVelo will continue the collaboration with ScienceOfCycling Italia through a series of seasonal evaluations. All the assessments will be managed with modern technologies and equipment, in order to monitor and evaluate their parameters to have a successful season.